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Cablofil Snc has been constantly working to meet the customer requirements and improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Our goal is to establish Cablofil as a strong and well-structured company, positively regarded by current and future customers.

To achieve its ultimate goal, Cablofil Snc applies the following:

- full respect of agreed general conditions

- definition of suitable supply contracts with strategic suppliers with consequent reduction 
  in the supply costs

- constant training and motivation of the whole company’s staff involved in business 

- search for a continuous increased efficiency of the production process, through the 
  introduction of the 5S method, monitoring and control of production processes, reduction 
  in lead times (Lean Production)

- constant compliance with mandatory regulations while carrying out the company 
  activities, with particular attention to operators’ safety problems, working environment 
  and privacy protection

- search for greater production flexibility through the definition of external collaborations

- constant attention to reducing production waste

THE MANAGEMENT                                                                                        14/05/2018

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