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Cablofil was established in 1969, as a supplier of cables and assemblies for an important lift-truck manufacturer.

During the Seventies the company became specialized in the production of electric cables, from simple pin-to-pin connections to automotive applications, as well as power cables.

In 1985 the company’s development was consolidated and expanded with the arrival of the second generation of Teopompi family members.

Cablofil - cablaggi

Over the 1990s Cablofil acquired specific know-how in manufacturing electric assemblies, to complement the production of electric cables. Always focused on understanding customer requirements, Cablofil provides competent, accurate and reliable assistance in every stage of product development, from project planning to creating prototypes and organizing mass production.

A dynamic and flexible company structure enables Cablofil to operate on fast throughput times, always respecting delivery schedules, even for small quantities.

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